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We are looking for dedicated people from around the world – esteemed figures from the worlds of politics, industry or society who want to support and promote this idea and, above all, who want to establish sustainable entrepreneurship as the business model of the future. We need strong voices to carry our message out into the world – and in this way position truly innovative entrepreneurship as a new lifestyle.


Your tasks as SEA-Endorser

  • Suggest at least 10 projects/companies for the SEA (provide names of contact persons and contact details).
  • Position sustainable entrepreneurship as the business model of the future in your sphere of influence; create a new awareness and spread the idea within your networks and to the best of your ability.
  • Help us to gain sponsors and to position the SEA in the business world; motivate entrepreneurs in your immediate surroundings to participate and be a part of the revolution!
  • Incorporate the SEA and its founders as far as possible in your networks, so that the initiative can gain greater visibility.

Your benefits

  • You can make your view of sustainable entrepreneurship (among other things) known in an in-depth interview (incl. photo and CV) on our SEA website.
  • Further, we will present you as an endorser on our SEA Facebook page.
  • Get to know new, interesting people from the worlds of politics, industry and society and use the SEA to expand your networks!

Support our initiative and give our children and grandchildren a better, sustainable future!

Alexander Schütz, AT

CEO and member of the board, C-QUADRAT Investment AG

Sustainability creates fair framework conditions for economic growth, social fairness and a livable future.

Peter Hanke, AT

CEO Wien Holding

Sustainable management means to assume responsibility for us and future generations.

Markus Breitenecker, AT

Managing Director ProSiebenSat.1PULS4

The conscious and successful handling of our resources must not remain a vision, it has to become a matter of fact in our entrepreneurial future.

Werner Boote, AT

Director of ‘Plastic Planet’

“Welcome to the Plastic Planet” - In his film, Plastic Planet, Werner Boote dramatically illustrated the effects of our ’Plastic Age’ and got people to rethink their behaviour. But companies still don’t keep their eye on the entire production cycle.

Karen A. M. Wendt, DE

Responsible Investment Banking

For me today, Sustainable Entrepreneurship means achieving a positive effect for the environment and for society through economic activities.

Ron Cambridge, GB

London Metropolitan University Course Leader and Senior Lecturer in BA Banking and Finance

Sustainable Entrepreneurship is much alive within people’s thinking, especially e-entrepreneurs, even if it does not always discursively refer to them as such.

DI Walter Ruck, AT

President of the Vienna Chamber of Commerce

In addition to a company’s economic interest, the inclusion of social and ecological considerations is not only a moral obligation for entrepreneurs, but also one of the basic principles of any functioning economic system.

Werner Schrangl, AT

Managing Director of JOB-WORLD KG and Deputy Chairman of the CSR Dialogue Forum

Sustainable Entrepreneurship means that in addition to profit maximisation entrepreneurs should also make the solving of social and ecological problems a guiding principle of their innovative business models.

André Schneider, CH

Vice president, Ecole Polytechnique Fédéral de Lausanne and CEO and Chairman, André Schneider Global Advisory AG

Sustainable Entrepreneuship means understanding that entrepreneurial action has to find a balance between economic, social and environmental challenges.

Viktor Wagner, AT

CEO REIWAG Facility Services GmbH

Sustainable Entrepreneurship means an entrepreneur’s responsibility towards his environment.

Ursula Fischler-Strasak, CH

Communications – Sustainability and Access to Healthcare, F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd.

Sustainable Entrepreneurship is the entrepreneur’s contribution to a better future and must consequently be at the heart of an enterprise’s strategy, decision-making and culture.

Prince Bubacarr Aminata Sankanu, GM

Journalist, Filmmaker, Public Intellectual

Austria as a Central European country is playing a pivotal role in the development of Sustainable Entrepreneurship as the home country of the Sustainable Entrepreneurship Award (SEA) which is attracting global attention.

Julia Weinzettl, AT

Managing Director, Co-Founder Taskfarm

Credibility, increasing staff satisfaction and ultimately a market advantage are the benefits of implementing Sustainable Entrepreneurship.

Geoffrey S. Kinsey, US

Director of Photovoltaic Technologies Fraunhofer Center for Sustainable Energy Systems (CSE)

Sustainable Entrepreneurship means choosing to develop only those business ideas that can be sustained for generations.

Dr. Peter Vogel, CH

Serial Entrepreneur and Head of the Competence Center "New Ventures" at the University of St. Gallen

The new generation of entrepreneurs brings along an intuitive understanding that we must find sustainable ways of setting up and running ventures - one that embraces the notion of a healthy balance between the success of the venture and the well-being of our planet and people, that is financial, social and environmental success.

Jessica Scholl, US

Associate of The Partnering Initiative

I view Sustainable Entrepreneurship as any profitable commercial activity that responds to a societal demand or need.

Michael Hopkins, GB

Chair and Partner of MHCInternational Ltd (MHCi)

Most entrepreneurs have a single idea and assume they will also do good. However the effort required to treat all key stakeholders responsibly is only just taking off.

Dr. Paul Rübig, AT

Member of the European Parliament

For me, Sustainable Entrepreneurship means thinking long-term, developing sustainable concepts, and then implementing those concepts.

Axel Friedrich, DE

Environmental expert, former long-standing division manager „Environment and transportation“ at the Federal Environment Agency

People are becoming increasingly aware of the fact that things cannot go on like this – also people in the developing countries

Jakob von Uexküll, DE

CEO and founder of the WFC (World Future Council)

Our economic system is to a large extent predicated on the principle of competition at the expense of the environment and of future generations.

Florian Haslauer, AT

Partner at A.T. Kearney Ges.m.b.H.

In addition to innovation, qualification and productivity, sustainability is becoming an important success factor for the Austrian and European economy to hold its ground in the face of global competition.

Othmar Karas, AT

European People’s Party Group vice-chair, MEP

Sustainable entrepreneurship and corporate social responsibility are about companies making a contribution to sustainable development – development that allows for the needs of future generations.

Claudia Kemfert, DE

Energy Economist, German Institut for economic Research

The plan to expand the use of renewable energy is definitely practicable. Today, 25 percent of the energy used to produce electricity comes from renewable sources.

Richard Kühnel, DE

representative of the European Commission in Austria

We need sustainable entrepreneurship because people’s environmental and social awareness has increased.

Marisa Mühlböck, AT

Managing director of the Julius Raab Foundation

It is a matter of course that the corporate processes and structures along the entire value creation chain are based on responsible behaviour.

Katherina Reiche, DE

parliamentary state secretary,
German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conversation and Nuclear Safety (BMU)

I applaud the Sustainable Entrepreneurship Award, as it enhances the visibility of exemplary approaches to sustainable entrepreneurship.

Reinhold Mitterlehner, AT

Vice-chancellor and Federal Minister of Science, Research and Economy

Sustainable Entrepreneurship (SE) is a key business model of the future.

Nikolaus Berlakovich, AT

former Austria’s environment minister

A concerted effort.

Christiane Brunner, AT

Member of Parliament

First of all, it must be understood that the best way to deal with waste is to avoid it.

Elisabeth Köstinger, AT


The sea is a unique and noteworthy project. The award underlines the importance of sustainability and innovation in entrepreneurial thought and action, as well as the fact that these two concepts not only complement each other, but are also highly compatible.

Josef Mantl, AT

CEO JMC & Spokesman Sustainable Future Campaign

Sustainable Entrepreneurship is an innovative movement that combines technology, environmental awareness and a sense of responsibility, leading to a more sustainable world.

Mara Del Baldo, Italy, IT

Small Business Management and Financial Accounting, University of Urbino

Austria is a country that, thanks to its historical, civil, social and political traditions, has within it the seeds of the orientation towards Sustainable Entrepreneurship.

Matthew Olaide Adetunji, NG

Founder-EFBI (Food Banking and Investment e-Systems)

The best way everyone can participate in Sustainable Entrepreneurship is through our communication and commitment-to-action.

Georg Kapsch, AT

President of The Federation of Austrian Industries

Sustainable development is a plausible social vision. The SEA helps to spread it. Many businesses work already to develop an economic, social and ecological desirable future.

Thomas Greigeritsch, AT

Head of Group Sustainability Constantia Flexibles International GmbH

For me, Sustainable Entrepreneurship means making an entrepreneurial decision, which follow the three-pillar-definition of sustainability – social, ecological and economic.

Harald Stockinger, AT

Notary’s office Harald Stockinger
For me today, Sustainable Entrepreneurship means to encourage companies to think about the future.

Arzu Tekir, TR

Director of EMBARQ Türkiye

Sustainable Entrepreneurship is the creation of new ventures based on a deep understanding of the ways that social, financial and ecological systems intersect.

Andreas Rickert, AT

CEO of PHINEO, research institute and consultancy organization for philanthropy

Ultimately, it means being conscious of the responsibilities you take on through all your actions – entrepreneurial, social and private – and striving to make as positive a social, economic and ecological impact as you possibly can.

Alexandra Hildebrandt, DE

Co-Founder ,,Gesichter der Nachhaltigkeit”, College of Applied Management in Erding Business Psychology and Sports Management, Experts in Sustainability and Football at the Institute of Football Management in Erding

SEA stands for a sustainable social approach, which is also needed, along with the many small ones, to move and achieve something at socio-political level through strong leverage.