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SEA Ambassador

We are looking for dedicated people from around the world with a high standing in the world of politics, industry or society who want to support and promote this idea. Who above all want to spread the idea of sustainable entrepreneurship in their sphere of influence, help to create a new awareness in industry and society, and establish sustainable behaviour as the business model of the future. We need strong voices and people who can carry our message out into the world – and embody innovative entrepreneurship as a new lifestyle.


Your tasks as SEA Ambassador

  • Suggest at least 10 projects/companies for the SEA (provide names of contact persons and contact details).
  • Help to position sustainable entrepreneurship as the business model of the future in your immediate sur­roundings; create a new awareness and transport the idea using your own ways and means.
  • Give the SEA and the many innovative sustainable entre­preneurs an international stage, spread word of the SEA in your immediate surroundings and in public, and make known the many best practice examples that are chang­ing the world of tomorrow.
  • Help us to make the SEA better known in companies (size doesn’t count, only attitude) and to increase the number of international submissions; motivate entrepreneurs in your vicinity to participate and be a part of the revolution!
  • Integrate the SEA and its founders as far as possible in your networks (media contacts, platforms such as discus­sion groups, contacts to potential ambassadors, endors­ers, cooperation partners, etc.), so that the initiative can gain greater visibility.
  • Assistance in the acquisition of potential sponsors.

Your benefits

  • As a SEA Ambassador, you and/or your company/organ­isation are guaranteed continued presence across our media platforms, including the European business mag­azine SUCCEED ( or the Austrian busi­ness magazine UNTERNEHMER ( or one of our many other publications.
  • Your commitment as a SEA Ambassador is publicised and honoured on the SEA-Website (with a photo, statement and in-depth interview), …
  • on the SEA-Facebook page and in the SEA-Newsletter, …
  • and is also (with your consent) communicated to the international specialised press.
  • Invitation to the annual SEA-Gala
  • Participation and naming in the ongoing publication projects - when suitable
  • Mediation of international requests for interviews

Support our initiative and give our children and grandchildren a better, sustainable future!

SEA Child Ambassador

Felix Finkbeiner, DE

Founder of the initiative Plant-for-the-Planet

For me, Sustainable Entrepreneurship means future!

José Manuel Barroso, PT

former President of the EU Commission, on the significance of social entrepreneurship and CSR

During the course of the last decade we have become increasingly aware of the fact that...

Marc R. Pacheco, US

Massachusetts State Senator, Chairman of the Massachusetts Senate Committee on Global Warming and Climate Change

The SEA’s work is crucial to accomplishing the dreams of those in the environmental community.

Jane Goodall, GB

Founder, the Jane Goodall Institute & UN Messenger of Peace

We are asking for a collective investment in the future and in a legacy that we can be proud of. We do not have much time left. We must act now.

Antonio Tajani, IT

former Vice-president of the European Commission

"In my opinion the Sustainable Entrepreneurship Award offers a good opportunity to create greater awareness for the topic of sustainable entrepreneurship."

Robert B. Rosenfeld, US

Founder & CEO of Idea Connection Systems, Inc

We need to see the world as a single country and humankind as its citizens. SEA is a really good stepping stone for making that happen.

David Pistrui, Ph.D., US

Acumen Dynamics, LLC

To me, Sustainable Entrepreneurship means that care is given to include a broader set of stakeholders and a keen sensitivity to how natural and other resources are used and in what combinations.

Ernst Ulrich von Weizsäcker, DE

German natural scientist and politician (SPD)

When metals become really scarce and expensive, one will realise that the route via the scrap trade, melting and recycling is less elegant and less cost effective than remanufacturing.

Franz Josef Radermacher, DE

Professor of Informatics at Ulm University

Sustainable entrepreneurship means that entrepreneurs and companies keep the sustainability aspect in mind in their value creation activities.

Andreas Treichl, AT

Chairman of the Management Board Erste Group Bank AG

To me sustainability is something that gradually becomes an integral part of every area within our enterprise.

Baroness Shreela Flather, GB

Member House of Lords

Without sustainable entrepreneurship we cannot expect businesses to get involved in pressing issues for today's world. We all know how much needs to be done and my faith lies in corporate efforts.


Sandra Thier, AT

TV host & UNICEF godmother

For me Sustainable Entrepreneurship means a change as a result of entrepreneurial activity that alters society sustainably, in the long term and positively.